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Model ZPR-4620V2
Manufacturer Hill Audio
Price:   £269.80

The ZPR-4620V2 4-Zone mixer is the most versatile choice for medium-sized multi-zone sound systems built around a stereo main zone. The unique CascadeZone © concept allows the three additional mono zones to either carry the same signal as the stereo zone or any of the 6 individual input signals. 2 microphone inputs sport adjustable priority and can be included in or excluded from each of the output zones. All essential controls are located on the front panel, while some specific settings can only be made on the rear panel. This includes zone adjustments like maximum level settings, equalization and 100Hz Highpass filters. The combination of front-panel and rear-panel controls make the ZPR-4620V2 ultimately flexible while still being user-friendly even for less experienced operators.